Difference Between Tiny Home And RV

The Tiny Home Movement is a relatively new concept in the USA and is gaining popularity across the globe as a quick solution for homeless people.   Recreational vehicle or RV in the form of trailer vans, motorhomes, or camper vans have been around for quite some time.  People have been using it as a temporary home while on vacation or live in one all their life.  With more and more people embracing the Tiny House Movement, comparisons are bound to happen between a Tiny Home and an RV in an attempt to determine, which has a better option.

Though both RV and tiny homes can use for mobile living, each has distinctive features making it different from one another.

Limited options:

While buying a RV, you can have unlimited options irrespective of its make, whether it new or old model; and you can go for any features matching to your budget. But in the case of a tiny home, you will have only limited options, since its purpose is to find a solution for low-cost housing. So the objective of tiny home designers are to make low cost home with more facilities.

Mobility issues:

When it comes to safety on the road, RV is much more comfortable and safer to move from place to place.  In the case of tiny homes, it required towing; as they do not have the portable features. So, when looking to the mobility factors, we can find RV has better advantage over tiny home. However, the objective of the tiny house is not about mobility, and it is not part of the luxury way of life, prompting people to relocate frequently. We suggest you see more models here.

Cost vs. cost:

One can buy an RV that is posh and expensive.  But it is very difficult to find out well insulated structures.  Most reputable tiny home architects’ give maximum attention to prepare their drawing with well protected insulation provisions than permanent residential buildings. Adequately insulated tiny homes can use for a whole year without any additional repair cost.  During winter, the furnace in your RV burns throughout the day to keep your home warm.  It will force you spending more money just for  gas refill, especially if the insulation is very bad. So, looking into this point, an RV seems more expensive compared to a tiny home.  Heating and cooling a small home is easy and consume less energy, and because of this, it will be inexpensive.

The weight factor:

RV’s weigh less than a tiny home, and the modern RV’s are much lighter since they are manufacturing lightweight composite materials. Small houses are heavy when compared to an RV. But that is no way going to have any negative impact when we put a strong comparison side by side.  The more robust a tiny home is good than a small house made of light materials because it can stay firm on the ground because of the weight.

Repair and maintenance:

You need to give proper care for both tiny home and RV and at that point, there is no much advantage for RV and RV maintenance will be expensive and won’t save on maintenance. Another notable issue with an RV is that it may incur substantial repair bills due to recurring replacement expenses every 3 to 5 years, in addition to the periodical maintenances. In many cases, we can find that most of the RV owners go for a new RV unit after 5 or 7 years, as the repair cost will be almost equal to buying a new RV.  Generally, tiny homes offer better life expectancy and attract less maintenance cost, depending on the quality of the material used for the construction.

With regards to maintenance and repairs finding parts and equipment to fix problems of a tiny home is easy, as little home use residential materials, which anybody can fix with locally available hardware materials.  But when you want to carry out any repair works for your RV, you have to place an order for the particular model and wait for the delivery.


Although tiny houses are not for frequent travel, the thrill of transporting your living quarters to any place you wish is an invaluable aspect of both rvs and tiny dwellings alike. A properly designed tiny home also can make mobile, but not suitable for a frequent relocation. Both have its merit and demerits, but tiny houses have a better advantage as it can indeed do justice to solve the affordable home/homeless issues.

What Are the World’s Most Expensive Mattress Brands?

Quality sleep is one of the most important thing everyone dread for night after nights. Of course, quality sleep is invaluable. Astonishingly, mattresses are becoming expensive day in and day out. Am left wondering; can money buy you quality sleep?

In this article, I would like us to find out some of the most expensive mattresses in the market and what makes them so expensive. So welcome on board let us get down to the business together.

VIvidus mattress

For your information, the Vividus mattress by the hastens is extremely expensive you will have to shell out about $145,000. In terms of composition, this mattress is composed of nearly 210kgs of natural materials and has ben designed by the most experienced artisans.

This mattress has seven layers of horsehair to provide the mattress with quick drying properties. That is not all it also features natural cotton to enhance the mattress ability to wick away moisture. Another cool thing about this mattress is that it is customized as per users sleep pattern for the ultimate comfort.

Hastens mattress

The hasten is a handmade mattress of Swedish origin. Since 1952, the Hastens manufacturer have been in the mattress production industry, this means that they have had enough time to hone their artisanship.

This mattress is built with hoarse hair and wool for superior comfort. this mattress is extremely comfortable and durable. It goes for around $67,000 so if you can afford it without breaking your bank you can sleep luxuriously like a Swedish.

Vispring-masterpiece superb mattress

The Vispring is built from a perfect blend of natural materials tht makes you feel as if you’re sleeping on the clouds surrounded by angels, just like the murphy beds. Interestingly, this mattress has three layers if hand-nested calico-pocket springs that give it a benefit of weightlessness for easy movement. To acquire the Vispring mattress, you’ll have shell out about $41,375.

Kluft mattress

One of the features that pushes its price so high is the fact that it had been handcrafted from natural materials. The design of this mattress is just awesome and it is designed to ensure a deep restful night sleep. The cost of this mattress is near of that of a BMW 3 series  sedan. You will have to shell between $36,200 and above to acquire it.

Hypnos mattresses

The Hypnos claims to be the most comfortable mattress in the market. Its manufacturer has mastered the art of combining comfort with style to create a mattress of your dreams. This mattress is designed from the finest high-performance materials. The Hypnos claims to be the only mattress that holds a royal warrant.  You can get it at around $15,000.

Duxiana mattress

This mattress has been designed specifically to ensure proper alignment that is ideal for the ultimate sleep. It features a continuous coil system that ensures that your body is properly supported eliminating the risk of back pains.

One of the coolest thing about this mattress is that it is designed using entirely customizable components and will keep smelling fresh. Thanks to its ventilated design. The Duxiana mattress sells at around $12,750, so with this amount the Duxxiana will be yours.


Nothing should come between you and a quality night rest. Better sleep is precious, so as long as a mattress is going to offer consistent comfort for many years, it is worth investing in it. In our next article, we shall look at medium-priced mattresses.

How Much Tax Does America Get From Selling Cannabis, Alcohol, And Tobacco?

Though alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking are legal throughout America, cannabis smoking is not legalized in many states. People have to pay taxes on these products. The tax rate varies from one state to another. We are going to talk about the tax rate of some of the states.


Colorado is the first state to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. Consumers pay  2.9% state sales tax, 15% excise tax and 10% marijuana sales tax So, in total, a buyer has to pay 27.9% to buy recreational marijuana. On the other hand, the medicinal buyers will pay only 2.9% tax. In Washington, the tax rate is 44%.


The tax set for alcohol is calculated in terms of volume. So, in Colorado, for every gallon of beer you need to pay a tax of 8 cents, for wine it’s 28 cents and for liquor, it’s $2.28. In Washington, consumers only need to pay the 6.5% state sales tax for beer and wine. For liquor, they have to pay tax of $3.77 per liter tax and 20.5% sales tax.


In Colorado, you will need to pay 84 cents state tax for every cigarette pack you buy. For other tobacco items, you will need to pay 40% tax. The sales tax for a cigarette is 2.9%. In Washington, you will need to pay $3.02 state tax for every pack of cigarette. You need to pay $2 per pack of the cigarette as a tax in California.

The tax imposed on cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco is called ‘sin’ tax. This is because these products are harmful to the health and the government discourages the consumption of these products. Some states have raised the legal age limit for tobacco consumption to 21. The high tax for these products is also a way to discourage people to buy these products.

Top 3 Most Successful Mattress Companies Now

A mattress is one of the major purchases you make when you move to a new house. You also need to replace your old mattress after some years. Whatever the reason maybe you should be very careful when buying a mattress. The mattress you buy must be suitable for you and should be able to give you a good night’s sleep. In the past, mattresses were made up of natural materials like feathers, straw, etc. Nowadays artificial materials like latex are used. Memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses are the two types of mattresses mostly available today. There are various types of brands available for mattresses. Here we are doing to top about some of the top mattress companies in the world right now.

Amerisleep AS2

Previously known as Rever, this mattress is currently the best mattress in the world. It has received the highest rating from the customers. It uses plant-based memory foam; that’s why it is eco-friendly. It emits less VOCs, so causes less damage to the environment. It has a Celliant-infused cover that improves the blood circulation of a person. The mattress will give you comfort, relieve your pain, last for a long time and give you a good night’s sleep.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze

There are four layers in this mattress, giving ultimate comfort. The top layer has a cooling cover that makes the surface cool and ideal for sleeping. Body heat is not retained. The weight of the person is distributed evenly throughout the mattress making it very comfortable to sleep.

Dever Mattress Doctor’s Choice Euro Top

This mattress has great reviews. It is recommended by the doctors as it spreads the body weight evenly giving lots of support and control. No matter how you sleep, whether sideways, on your back or stomach, this mattress will give you great comfort.

These mattresses are expensive. But it’s worth the price. These will last you for a long time and most importantly, will help you to sleep well and remain healthy.

4 Recent Changes In The Corporate Culture

The world is changing with time. The way we spend our lives now is quite different than that of the previous generations. The change is due to technology, knowledge and other factors. Like the rest of the things, the corporate culture is also changing. Here are some of the changes that we observe in a corporate culture.

Management style

The management style is no more bureaucratic. It’s more friendly and flexible now. There are line managers who delegate the work among the workers in different departments. Each person is responsible for his or her work. The line of communication is also more direct now. Unlike before, you don’t have to move through the hierarchy to contact your boss. You can do so directly. Even the lower level employees now have the right to express their thoughts to the senior management and their opinions are highly valued.

Maternity leave

Most companies offer maternity leave of one year or more now. Previously, it used to be a couple of months. The corporate world now understands the role a mother has in raising her children. That’s why companies give this special facility so that the mother can spend some precious time with the baby and then join work.

Flexible timing

Many companies allow flexible work timings. You can work anytime and for a flexible number of hours as long as you complete your task. Employees are also allowed to work from home or leave office in the middle of the day to pick up their children from school.

Strict laws for sexual harassment

There is now strict workplace law for sexual harassment. If any employee is a suffer from such act then he or she can report it to the senior management and demand justice.

The corporate culture has changed a lot. The goal of the corporate world is to bring out the best in a person. So, they are trying to provide all kinds of facilities to make the workplace better. This helps to increase the productivity of the company.