What Are the World’s Most Expensive Mattress Brands?

Quality sleep is one of the most important thing everyone dread for night after nights. Of course, quality sleep is invaluable. Astonishingly, mattresses are becoming expensive day in and day out. Am left wondering; can money buy you quality sleep?

In this article, I would like us to find out some of the most expensive mattresses in the market and what makes them so expensive. So welcome on board let us get down to the business together.

VIvidus mattress

For your information, the Vividus mattress by the hastens is extremely expensive you will have to shell out about $145,000. In terms of composition, this mattress is composed of nearly 210kgs of natural materials and has ben designed by the most experienced artisans.

This mattress has seven layers of horsehair to provide the mattress with quick drying properties. That is not all it also features natural cotton to enhance the mattress ability to wick away moisture. Another cool thing about this mattress is that it is customized as per users sleep pattern for the ultimate comfort.

Hastens mattress

The hasten is a handmade mattress of Swedish origin. Since 1952, the Hastens manufacturer have been in the mattress production industry, this means that they have had enough time to hone their artisanship.

This mattress is built with hoarse hair and wool for superior comfort. this mattress is extremely comfortable and durable. It goes for around $67,000 so if you can afford it without breaking your bank you can sleep luxuriously like a Swedish.

Vispring-masterpiece superb mattress

The Vispring is built from a perfect blend of natural materials tht makes you feel as if you’re sleeping on the clouds surrounded by angels, just like the murphy beds. Interestingly, this mattress has three layers if hand-nested calico-pocket springs that give it a benefit of weightlessness for easy movement. To acquire the Vispring mattress, you’ll have shell out about $41,375.

Kluft mattress

One of the features that pushes its price so high is the fact that it had been handcrafted from natural materials. The design of this mattress is just awesome and it is designed to ensure a deep restful night sleep. The cost of this mattress is near of that of a BMW 3 series  sedan. You will have to shell between $36,200 and above to acquire it.

Hypnos mattresses

The Hypnos claims to be the most comfortable mattress in the market. Its manufacturer has mastered the art of combining comfort with style to create a mattress of your dreams. This mattress is designed from the finest high-performance materials. The Hypnos claims to be the only mattress that holds a royal warrant.  You can get it at around $15,000.

Duxiana mattress

This mattress has been designed specifically to ensure proper alignment that is ideal for the ultimate sleep. It features a continuous coil system that ensures that your body is properly supported eliminating the risk of back pains.

One of the coolest thing about this mattress is that it is designed using entirely customizable components and will keep smelling fresh. Thanks to its ventilated design. The Duxiana mattress sells at around $12,750, so with this amount the Duxxiana will be yours.


Nothing should come between you and a quality night rest. Better sleep is precious, so as long as a mattress is going to offer consistent comfort for many years, it is worth investing in it. In our next article, we shall look at medium-priced mattresses.

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