4 Recent Changes In The Corporate Culture

The world is changing with time. The way we spend our lives now is quite different than that of the previous generations. The change is due to technology, knowledge and other factors. Like the rest of the things, the corporate culture is also changing. Here are some of the changes that we observe in a corporate culture.

Management style

The management style is no more bureaucratic. It’s more friendly and flexible now. There are line managers who delegate the work among the workers in different departments. Each person is responsible for his or her work. The line of communication is also more direct now. Unlike before, you don’t have to move through the hierarchy to contact your boss. You can do so directly. Even the lower level employees now have the right to express their thoughts to the senior management and their opinions are highly valued.

Maternity leave

Most companies offer maternity leave of one year or more now. Previously, it used to be a couple of months. The corporate world now understands the role a mother has in raising her children. That’s why companies give this special facility so that the mother can spend some precious time with the baby and then join work.

Flexible timing

Many companies allow flexible work timings. You can work anytime and for a flexible number of hours as long as you complete your task. Employees are also allowed to work from home or leave office in the middle of the day to pick up their children from school.

Strict laws for sexual harassment

There is now strict workplace law for sexual harassment. If any employee is a suffer from such act then he or she can report it to the senior management and demand justice.

The corporate culture has changed a lot. The goal of the corporate world is to bring out the best in a person. So, they are trying to provide all kinds of facilities to make the workplace better. This helps to increase the productivity of the company.